I’m Trans


I am transgender (male-to-female) and while I don’t consider it a defining trait of myself, it is very important to me. I struggled with gender identity for quite a long time and have only recently (since 2018) begun to seriously challenge notions of gender and find who I am comfortable being instead of hiding myself or pretending these feelings do not exist. My core personality has not really changed, but my presentation has considerably and it’s lovely how much more confident I feel about myself and how much less I try to escape myself in my work or projects. It has lead to a decisively healthier lifestyle and my mental health has improved along with my ability to enjoy things and be involved in things such as volunteer work with FIRST robotics.

I might write more on this here over time. I think it is very helpful for there to be additional good information on the subject because the more one knows about a group of people, the less likely that person is to make baseless or dangerous assumptions. I feel I’m helping at least a little bit to cure false stereotypes and social stigma through offering my own genuine thoughts.

I hear a few fireworks now so it seems 2020 just hit here on the east coast. I’m excited for another year of adventure and self-discovery!